Akash Steel Crafts offer a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel Rectangular Pipe of different thickness, different diameter length, and in different quality. Stainless Steel Rectangular Pipe Suppliers offered by Akash Steel Crafts is highly resistant to many corrosive media, which also has good electrical, thermal and magnetostrictive properties.

In various industries, these Rectangular stainless steel pipes are widely used for all kinds of structural applications and fabrication projects where greater strength and superior corrosion resistance are required. Akash Steel Crafts is specialized in providing Stainless steel Rectangular and Square  Pipes in unpolished and polished Grit 120 – 600 finish. Generally, these Rectangular and Square steel pipes have high corrosion resistance capacity, high deformability, high toughness and higher strength.


Items Size Thickness
Square Pipe 20 X 20 mm to 250 X 250 mm 1 mm to 12mm
Rectangular Pipe 20 X 40 mm to 200 X 300 mm 1 mm to 12mm