Stainless Steel is inherently corrosion-resistant, no additional coatings or finishes are needed. Stainless steel pipe polishing is an important process for architectural and decorative applications. Polishing stainless steel pipes creates a uniform and consistent surface finish. Stainless Steel Tubular Parts, such as Handlebars, Subway grab bars, and Hand Railings, are installed in high-visibility areas, so the tube’s outer dimensions needs to exhibit a smooth, blemish-free appearance.

Taking into consideration of the growing expectation for the surface finish, AKASH Steel craft started manufacturing of an array of SS Polished Tubes, which has application in Dairy, Food Processing, Railway Coaches, Bus Coaches, Furniture manufacturing, Interior Decoration & Hand Railings. Available in different shapes and sizes, these pipes are in line with quality standards of industries, especially Railings and Furniture Nowadays the trend is to use factory polished pipes in decorative purposes. Still if required, we can provide SS pipes without polish as per client’s requirements

Features of SS Polished Pipes & Tubes

Uniform and consistent surface Smooth, blemish-free appearance
Fine finishing Durability
Corrosion resistance Dimensional Accuracy
Top quality Handlebars & Hand Railings

Manufacturing of SS Polished Pipes & Tubes

  • Cold rolled &softened
  • Descaled
  • Final light pass on polished rolls known as a ‘pinch pass
  • Final finishing & Polishing

Application of SS Polished Pipes & Tubes

Architectural Bus Coaches
Decorative Furniture manufacturing
Interior Decoration Plumbing fixtures
Dairy/ Food Processing Railway Coaches
Handlebars, Subway grab bars, and Hand Railings


Size &Range Thickness Type Specification
3\8” NB to 8”NB 1 mm to 6 mm ASTM A-554